Integration of JBPM and spring with Mule ESB

Mule, JBPM and spring framework is one of the best combinations to implement SOA framework. These combinations are very famous among open source and easy to implement. Integration among this technology is always a challenge. I am adding some integration bullet point to make this integration easy.
These file are involved to integration among JBPM, spring and Mule ESB.
1) ApplicationContext.xml – spring framework
2) mule-config.xml – Mule ESB
3) jbpm.cfg.xml – JBPM file
4) All library for spring, JBPM and Mule ESB jar file
Add these lines into mule-config.xml file

  1. <mule xmlns=""
  2. ..... xmlns:bpm="" xmlns:spring-context="" xmlns:spring="" ... >
  3. <spring:beans> <spring:import resource="applicationContext.xml"/> </spring:beans> <spring:bean id="jbpm-ref" parent="jbpm" />
  4. <bpm:connector name="jBpmConnector" bpms-ref="jbpm-ref" allowGlobalReceiver="true" allowGlobalDispatcher="true" processIdField="requestId"> <custom-exception-strategy class="com.vanrish.exception.ApplicationExceptionStrategy"/> <!—This is custom exception class based on your business logic -->< </bpm:connector>

This is spring specific file. So we are defining jbpm specific configuration to call from mule.

    <bean id="jbpm" class="org.mule.transport.bpm.jbpm.JbpmImpl" destroy-method="destroy"> <property name="configuration"> <value>classpath:jbpm.cfg.xml</value> </property> property name="processDefinitionsResources"> <list> <value>classpath:verifyAge.xml</value> ..... <!-- Define JBPM specific process file --> </list> </property> <property name="createSchema"> <value>false</value> </property> </bean>
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  1. It would have been good , if you could post blog that has step by step implementation

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